I found this on a Tumblr site and thought i’d add it here. I removed one panel, the one that said “This blog hates Trump Supporters.” I know some, but not many. I respect a person’s right to vote for who they think is right, but I haven’t heard of a good reason for Trump. But Trump won, for many different reasons (including, but also different than the hate he talked about). It is my opinion that the poor/ignorant/misguided reasons is what has caused such a response from not only the US, but the world.

It is my hope that America has woken up, that they’ll pay close attention to the changes that their lawmakers implement. That they ensure common decency is followed, to make sure their voice of reason is heard. And if it isn’t: to resist.

They will have to, because the people who voted for Trump think that the US is failing, but they are so wrong. (As a Canadian) America is the world leader; everyone looks to them. America is the shield against the wicked. America IS great already. But poor leaders can lead the country down the wrong path and that’s when other countries will take advantage.

Trump may have won, but him and all his supporters will have to endure a tsunami of resisters every day for the next four years. There will be memes, it will be on the news, prominent people will speak out, and there will be many protests. They will not be able to escape it; every.single.day. If people are sick of hearing about protests, or seeing negative things about Trump, I hope they learn to have a thicker skin, b/c it isn’t going to stop anytime soon.