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Content delivery schedule for The Elder Scrolls Online for 2017
Homestead – player housing dlc in February
Morrowind – first ‘chapter’ release in June
Dungeon-based dlc in Q3
Content-based dlc in Q4

Why the Homestead content matters
– more content for roleplayers; provides a place to hangout
– spread the population all over the map
– more ways to personalize your character, meaning more reason to stay with the gamewind

What is a Chapter?
– larger dlc that includes system changes (like new pvp modes), new abilities and classes (Warden)
– ZOS target is to have 1 ‘chapter’ per year
– not considered an ‘expansion’ because ESO is not level based (so not only for end game players)
– these have a self-contained story and separate zone
– cannot be purchased via crowns nor accessed via ESO Plus subscription

Target Delivery Schedule for the future:
First Quarter – DLC
Second Quarter – Chapter
Third Quarter – Dungeon-based DLC
Fourth Quarter – DLC