You’ve probably heard of Battleborn (developed by Gearbox) in the same breadth of Overwatch (Blizzard); only that it came out only a few weeks earlier and it eventually crashed and burned (from the intense competition of Overwatch). Battleborn had the love and adoration of all the people who loved Borderlands, but Overwatch had the Team Fortress crowd as well as anyone that has heard of say… World of Warcraft or Diablo.

I honestly love Battleborn and put in some crazy hours into it; it had the same humor and ‘some’ feel of Borderlands, but it was also different and better in many ways. Do I hope there is a Battleborn 2 or a Borderlands 3? Unsure.. maybe there is enough money for both. Either way tho, all companies will now have to square off against Blizzard/Overwatch iterations in the future though for FPS supremacy.

Anyways; this is Battleborn Day/weekend in celebration of it’s launch. Loot drops have been massively increased, Gearbox has given everyone a free loot booster (increases drop rate and quality) which lasts for 24 hours, and i’ve been able to complete some lore (character achivements) by getting a ton of matches completed. When you complete all 5 lore for a character, you unlock a mural such as these: