I honestly think the Homestead update for The Elder Scrolls Online, was the best thing to happen to the game. It gives the players a huge money and time sink; there are tons of expensive homes, furnishings, crafting materials and recipes to acquire. Materials that once had no value, like flour, now is a huge requirement to crafting certain furnishings (wax/display food).
I used to pick up Nickel, an Imperial Style crafting material, thinking that since I didn’t have the specific upgrade, that i’d never use it. Now, nearly all of my favorite furnishings require Nickel and in large amounts.
Players now scour the map for rare furnishing materials from gathering nodes; when I used to play with the wife, I would let her gather everything because I had maxed out my crafting and no longer needed to craft anything. Now we are running from node to node, fighting to access it first.

Above: A nice seating area around the fire. My thief npc is getting warmed by the fire.. or possible making sure my hanging radishes don’t burn. On closer inspection, I have a skillet with apples on it, along with a shelf on the left with steins for my beer keg.
My huge painting that I found in Deshaan in a random chest.. I don’t think it was even Master level, but a simple. It takes about 20+ chests to RNG one; sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you’re not. Last night I opened 20+ chests and didn’t find one painting unfortunately.

When you complete a Veteran dungeon in ESO, you earn a bust of one of the iconic creatures in that dungeon. I believe that one on my desk is from Wayrest Sewers; the crocodile.