I need a bigger house in The Elder Scrolls Online.. especially if I keep playing with amazing guild members.

That was the key ingredient that was missing for me when the game initially launched: playing with a guild. I played it like a more populated Skyrim game, a solo rpg. When it came to harder difficulties or challenges, I hit a brick wall b/c without other players, I couldn’t accomplish as much. That.. and ZOSΒ banning me b/c they thought that I was maybe a farmer or bot player because I had a friends sending me TONS of mail so I could deconstruct and raise my crafting more efficiently.

Having a guild enriches your game play experience, TESO in particular. Questing is easier.. its easier to fight bosses and its nice to have company when you’re exploring the vast open world. World bosses are nearly impossible (or atleast very slow) to defeat solo, and certain ‘high level’ areas like Craglorn (which have better rewards) were designed for group play.

It’s not easy for introverted-leaning people to find (the right) a guild, but it is highly recommended. I like to think of it like a pickup group of basketball; maybe those people will be cool, it’ll be fun and maybe you’ll play with them again. Maybe not. But it’s as easy as joining (a guild), seeing how they are like and leave if they don’t mesh very well.

I just completed two Veteran dungeons with a full team of guildies, and Vdungeons are typically quite challenging, but with good communication (via Teamspeak), skillz and better coordination, it was easier (AND faster)than doing normal pick-up group dungeons. Whenever you complete a Vdungeon, you also get a special set helm, but more importantly (to me) are bronzed busts of the iconic dungeon. The two featured above were from Darkshade Caverns and the Crypt of Hearts. The only problem I face now, is if I keep doing Vdungeons, I won’t have enough room in my house to display all the busts πŸ˜‰