My friends and I are huge board game lovers and recently this came in the mail from Kickstarter.
I have been thinking, it is important (as the person introducing a new game to people) to not only understand both the rules, setup and mechanics of the game, but also to be able to teach (visually and verbally) the players quickly and efficiently.

First off, how to describe this game:
You are competing against up to 4 other amusement park owners to create the best park within 8 rounds. You do this by building amusement park attractions,  upgrading them, hiring staff and protecting them from your opponents.

How do you win?
By having the most amount of points at the end of the 8 rounds.
There are many different ways of obtaining points:

  • having many upgrades (lockers, washrooms, quality service) on attractions
  • staff members provide in-game bonuses and end of game points
  • (similar to Ticket to Ride) completing secret objectives for bonus points, such as building a thrill ride with 3 different upgrades
  • having lots of money from park visitors
  • having few loans with the bank

As previously stated, there are 8 rounds in the game, comprised of 4 steps:

The Event Step:
Indicates the start to a new round.

  1. Players draw a card from the Event deck.
  2. The top card of the City deck is played.
  3. Players take turns playing Event cards (if they choose to) from their hand.

The Park Step:
Used to make the amusement park better.

Players take turns completing one action which include:

  • building an attraction or an upgrade
  • hiring staff
  • selecting cards from the Market area for future use
  • drawing from the Event deck
  • drawing Blueprints (secret endgame objectives)
  • discarding a card to draw 5 cards from the Park deck
  • demolishing an attraction already built (along with all upgrades attached to it)
  • gaining coin, 1 per open attraction

In most situations, players have 3 Park steps, but some cards or events give the ability to take a fourth step.

The Guest Step: 
When players get money based off how developed their park is.

Players collect money based on:

  1. The total stars in your park, limited by the guest capacity.
  2. Certain cards have ticket icons which provide extra income which can exceed your guest capacity restraints.

The Cleanup Step:

  • turning up any cards that are faced-down
  • clear and refill the Market cards (provides new purchase opportunities)
  • discard down to 5 cards in hand
  • advance the Starting Player marker

After the 8th round is complete, the game is over and points are tallied.

There are many strategies and each game will be different. The game is brightly colored, has witty flavor text and is easy to pick up and learn. Depending on the number of players and their knowledge of the game, matches can last anywhere between 1-2 hours.

If this has intrigued you, take a look at some videos on Youtube of setup and playthroughs.

The publisher provided a pdf strategy guide and will provide more in the future.

I will write an entry in the near future of some strategies I’ve seen and employed.