How to describe it
For experienced gamers:
A mix of Dominion and a mix of Clash of Clans (or the actual Vikings Gone Wild game)

For those not familiar with either:
A competitive deck building game (the base game at least), for 2-5 players, with a Viking theme.

Object of the game:
Be the player at the end of the game to have the most points. Points are generated primarily by attacking players, defending against attacks, completing missions and completed end-of-game objectives.

Quick run through of how the game works:
Players take turns, using the cards in their hand to purchase units, buildings, and items, and using them to either attack other players or defend themselves to gain points.

Once a certain point total has been reached (30/40 depending on the # of players), the last round is triggered, total points are calculated and bonus points from objectives are added.
Early Gameplay Observations:
Paying attention to opponent’s moves
– If your opponent is loading up on units, it might be a good idea to purchase defensive cards, OR load-up on units as well (race to the most points).
– If your opponent is attacking a weak player for quick points (discussed below), it might be a good idea to preemptively attack the weak player to prevent the stronger player from attacking said player on their turn.

Attacking for quick points
– Attacking multiple buildings successfully is a quick way to a lot of points. This requires an opponent who is building Breweries or Gold Mines, b/c those buildings have very low defenses. Part of this strategy will enable you to get Divine Favor cards (very strong cards) faster than your opponents.

Be Consistent in point gain each turn
– if you can’t determine what a person’s strategy is, a good strategy is to complete your side missions each turn AND be aware of what the end-game objectives are. There are 4 end-game objectives, each worth 6 points each. Also, there are a finite pool of missions available to the players, which means the more you complete, the more points you withhold from your opponents.