Trump and Pulling Trumpcare off the Table

Why its important
– it’s embarrassing because it was a main election promise, that he promised party unity, damages his reputation as a deal maker and good business man
– his first travel ban, already failed; there is a trend forming of repeated failure, how he’s a big loser

How many Republican votes required
– cannot have more than 21 votes against it

Why republicans are against it
– doesn’t do enough; calling it Obamacare-lite, constituents say it didn’t lower insurance premiums (the amount of money that an individual or business must pay for an insurance policy) enough
– many constituents rely on Obamacare

The problem:
“If a unified Congress and White House can’t even come together on eliminating something as despised by conservatives as Obamacare, then just what can they accomplish together?”

– other promises, such as building a wall along the Mexican border.. will that pan out? Paying billions of dollars for something that may not fix the issue of illegal immigration

London Attack

What happened:
– An attack, which left 3 people dead and 40 injured (29 which were hospitalized). He ran a car into pedestrians on Westminister Bridge, through the gates of the Parliament building, fatally stabbed an unarmed policeman and was shot dead.

Khalid Masood, 52
A man known to police for a range of convictions including assaults, causing grievous bodily harm, possessing ‘offensive weapons’ and public order offences. also known to British Intelligence.

Despite the name, Khalid was born in Kent, which is Southeast of London.

– London UK, outside Britain’s Parliament

Makes you think:
– Even though you see a person has the tools and ability to commit a crime, you can’t arrest them/jail them for that fact to prevent it

– when they commit lesser crimes, their  circumstance can’t dictate harsher punishment for a crime they haven’t committed yet

– what can we do, other than possibly include rehab/counselling when certain crimes are committed. More social work for all crimes/certain crimes.