Mass Effect Andromeda is an amazing game, not without it’s own issues. One of the biggest ones in my opinion is that lack of an indepth tutorial. Maybe players are expected to just assume, or watch videos on the main site or YouTube to learn. Here is some helpful information that I would have appreciated when I first started:

Andromeda Points
– you see this in multiplayer; it is a currency bought with real money that allows you to purchase gear packs (have weapons, mods, classes, consumables)
– you can totally play the game without having to purchase these at this time

Mission Funds (MF)
– a currency used in multiplayer used to purchase consumables and (normally weekly) rotating equipment
– an example of equipment, an item that increases your shield by 10% and melee damage by 75%. This is a permanent item, the player can only equip one at a time.
– players obtain MF via completing Strikes which are part scenario, part phone game; the scenario part, its a multiplayer map that has certain match modifiers such as 50% extra sniper rifle damage, but -50% damage to pistols. 4/5 Strikes cannot be completed by the player, but by a computer team that the player directs.
– an interesting consumable is a class re-specialization item, but can be obtained from gear packs (albeit at a low chance)

Enemies have weak points
– certain enemies cannot be destroyed by just pumping bullets into them; the player may need to direct damage at certain areas of the enemy
– the Destoyer is a good example, that it has very strong shield and even more powerful cannons; the player can target each cannon/turret separately (each with it’s own shield), to destroy the turret and prevent the Destroyer from dealing tons of damage
– the Fiend is another example in which it is heavy armored everywhere, but has exposed ‘gills’ by it’s ribs, thus requiring flanking.

Enemies have one-shot attacks
– I love melee classes, but this game punishes you for being in hugging distance of certain enemies.
– Ascendents (floating Kett with an energy shield) might throw their energy bubble on the player. Immediately dodge out or risk being crushed into a ball-like version of you. When you see players trapped in said ball, attack the mechanical eye that floats around the energy shield; if you destroy the eye, the attack stops.
– Fiends (big Kett gorillas), if given the chance, will grab you, crush and eat you. Not recommended, stay out of grabby range.

Muting players
– prevalent on the PC platform in my experience, players don’t know that the Origin launcher is auto-defaulted to: Voice Activation. This results in everyone hearing every noise that comes from other players: if they cough, have a mechanical keyboard, are watching tv or movies, or even the sound coming from their speakers of the game itself.
– by selecting Origin>Application Settings>More>Voice>Activation mode, you can change it to Push-To-Talk to prevent premature ear bleeding.

– unfortunately there will be times that people are unaware or are too lazy to change this, at which point you can mute them either in the Lobby or in-game (using the W & S keys to select them).

Other helpful tips:
– while in the Nomad, press and hold T to teleport to the Tempest/ship
– in single-player, the health regen boxes are denoted by the red square with a black circle within.
– players can fast-travel via forward outposts. These outposts restore ammo and health, allow you to teleport the ship, and change your load-out.
– (for PC) to quickly get back to the game while in a menu (Skills, Inventory, Codex, Map, etc), simply press the Tab button.
– (for multiplayer) Boosters last only the match (all 7 waves, through death) but Consumables are one time use (limited amount per match per item).
– under the Gameplay Options, you can adjust the Point of View (POV) slider to quickly change it without modifying a .dat file.