Objective: Use the deck of cards in your hand to defeat the end boss in a dungeon within 5 minutes.

Sounds fun?
It is: Up to 5 players can play cooperatively.

Sounds easy?
It’s not: There are 20-50 enemies, plus events that stand between you and the end boss. The tricky part is all cards plus the boss must be defeated within 5 minutes.

How to defeat enemies/events:
Each card has a combination of symbols which are found in each player’s deck. Each player has a different number of said symbols.

For example: the Warrior will have the most red (Sword) cards, but the least blue (Magic Scrolls), while the Wizard will have the opposite. Cards in one’s hand (vs the deck) are used to match all the symbols; once all the symbols are matched, the cards used are swept away and the next card in the monster deck is revealed. This is repeated until all enemies are defeated and all that remains is the boss card.

What’s challenging:
Verbally communicating with your friends and coordinating what cards you have available to defeat the enemies. Depending on the boss, this leaves you with less than 12.5 seconds to defeat each enemy, usually less , depending on the number of players in your party.

What’s special about this game:
There is a phone app available for both Iphone and Android (sorry Blackberry!) that keeps track of the time for the players.

Turn order: There are no turns!
Unlike many games, players rapidly place down cards or use abilities, all in real-time to defeat enemies/events. An enemy can be defeated by one player or by the cooperation of multiple team members.
Things to remember:
In a 2-Player game, each player should shuffle 2 class decks together.
In a game with 3 or more players, each player only uses 1 class deck.

Players should not be showing what cards they have, but verbally call out what they have to help the team.

Use card sleeves OR keep drinks far away; the game gets frantic and someone is bound to knock over a drink!

Check the Kickstarter page for more information!