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1. Easy to Pickup and Play
As advertised, 5MD was quick to learn (“match these symbols with your cards“, “when you play a card, draw a card“, “do it as fast as you can, we need to get through all the cards and defeat the end boss.”) and quick to play (literally 5 minutes). People of all skill levels understood the mechanics quickly and that created excitement.
2. Exciting
The fast-paced nature of the game created a sense of urgency. It gave a sense of accomplishment when the party won and created resolve to become better when they failed. Concentration and interest levels were extremely high: people did not become distracted by outside stimuli.

3. Still Possible to Panic and Lose
The game is significantly easier with more players (compared to the minimum 2 players), naturally from the amount of cards available and thus variety of symbols. There will be times when poor communication or card use will result in panic, even with bigger parties. This game depends on effective communication on the resources of each player and who will play what cards.
4. May not interest everyone
Although it is a game that is easy to pick up, it can be argued that it is lite on strategy. The ability to defeat a card is based purely on the randomness of what one draws for their hand, and their special abilities. There is little opportunities for in-depth planning or playing the “long-game” strategy, which may quickly bore some players. This is perfect though, for a group that has problems getting interrupted (by outside conversations, poor concentration or children) frequently as it is easy to setup, quick to play and can easily switch out players or still operate if a player needs to drop out.

5. The fast-paced nature of the game, prevents players from enjoying the humorous art.
There is fantastic art and humor in 5MD, but the frenetic pace of the game causes players to ignore this wonderful part of the game and just concentrate on matching the symbols of the cards.