Lords of Waterdeep is a competitive strategy board game that revolves around worker placement mechanic. Players take turns each round placing Agents at various parts of the board to generate resources or perform actions that will generate points directly, or complete quests for points as well. The winner is the player with the highest amount of points at the end of 8 rounds.

Number of Players: 5 (base game)
There is an expansion: Scoundrels of Skullport

Basic Player Setup:
1. Pick a color and put the appropriate score marker on the Scoring track at zero.
2. Take the appropriate number of Agents, add one additional Agent at the bottom, near the Round 5 space.
3. Take a Player Mat which is used to track resources.

4. A Lord card will be given to each player, face down and will be hidden throughout the entire game.The Lord card provides a special bonus to points at the end of the game and helps the player decide on a type of quest to pursue.

5. The Player that has most recently been to a new city gets the First Player marker and starts with 4 gold. The player to his left gets 1 additional gold. Each player receives one additional gold more than the person to their left.

6. Shuffle and deal 2 Quest cards face up to each player.

7. Shuffle and deal 2 Intrigue Cards to each player face down.

A Turn consists of:
1. Assign (move) an Agent to an unoccupied action space on the board.
Note: you cannot choose to pass your turn.

2. Complete a Quest (if possible, once per turn only)

There are 3 main types of resources:
Adventurers (used to complete Quests)

Victory Points (VP)

Gold (typically used to buy Buildings or complete Quests)

Special Building Actions:
Builders Hall
Buildings provide a new action/resource for the Agent that is placed on it. When someone other than the owner assigns the agent there, the owner receives the benefit described at the bottom of the building.
1. Pay the Gold cost, score any VP for that building and placec its tile in one of the open spots on the board.
2. Immediately draw a new Building and place it in the vacated spot.

Cliffwatch Inn
This is how players obtain new quests, but each space has different effects. Whenever a Quest card is taken, replace immediately face-up.

Waterdeep Harbour
Allows the player to use an Intrigue Card which are special cards that either help you (Attack/Utility) and/or hinder (Attack/Mandatory Quest) your opponents.

After all agents have assigned their Agents, the Agents in Waterdeep Harbour assign their agents (starting with the Agent on the action space numbered “1”, to some other unoccupied space (cannot go to the Harbour again during this phase).
Note: a player cannot assign an Agent here if they do not have any Intrigue Cards

End of Round: when all available Agents have been assigned.
End of the game: after all 8 rounds of play.

Final Scoring:


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