Fortnite is a fantastic game in Early Access (goes Free to Play sometime in 2018) and is incredibly polished compared to other games that I’ve encountered. That being said, one of the improvements that the developers will need to look into, is explaining crafting more in detail for players new to crafting in shooter games.

All crafting (at time of writing) is done in a mission (vs outside a mission) via the Inventory screen. This screen is accessed via the ” I ”  button.
– The top red box is used to navigate the different categories: guns, melee, bullets, traps, resources.
– The red box to the left are the known schematics for that category.
– The player would select the gun schematic on the left and either click on the red box in the bottom right or press ” C ” for Craft.

– The green box on the far left shows how many crafting materials are required to craft a specific schematic (the left # is the available resources, the right # is what is required).
– The green box on the right is the specific requirements of weapon, with more information about the weapon both above and below.

– The yellow box is your inventory for the specific category.

One of the most important crafting materials in the game is Blasting Powder (weapon crafting) and Duct Tape (traps).

By opening the Inventory (” I “), and selecting the hammer & anvil symbol in the top right, simply select the picture of the keg or the duct tape.

What is important to know is that while Rough Ore, used to craft Blasting Powder is extremely plentiful via any cursory harvest of rocks, the other ingredient, Coal (outlined in red), is not.

It isn’t hard to farm Coal though; players simply need to find caves, typically found at the edges of maps to find Coal nodes, such as the one pictured below.

Finally, with a shiny new gun, you’ll need bullets for them! By selecting the Bullet category on the Inventory Management screen (” I “), you can manually create bullets. I say “manually”, because a player can create bullets for their appropriate gun by equipping it (outside the Inventory screen), pressing and holding ” R “.

– The 5 types of bullets to create (the type of bullet a gun takes is found on the bottom right of the gun thumbnail)

– The crafting cost of each batch of bullets

– Current ammo count

Note: This is where you can drop ammo for teammates and Defender NPCs. Simply click on the ammo in the yellow box, press ” X “, select the amount of ammo to drop, and select “Drop”.

I hope that helps! Happy Crafting!

If you found these guides helpful, please let me know and comment below on any future visual guides that you’d like to see!