The circus is still in town, and what normally would be a week long event, the White House Administration keeps surprising me.

I understand the want to save money (in this case less than 0.01%), but this was truly weak. This quote from CBC sums up my feels exactly on the issue:

I was in the Navy, I was an aviation ordinanceman. I built bombs and missiles and also did small arms on the range. I used to help teach MPs [military police] how to shoot their weapons so they could pass their weapons qualifications. When I was in the Army, I was mortuary affairs technician and basically dealt with death on a daily basis, doing autopsies. It’s a hard job, but we have to do it, somebody has to do it. And it has nothing to do with their gender, as long as they’re doing the work. 

“They’re saying everybody’s going to run and join the military so they can get their sexual reassignment surgery. Nobody’s going to go through basic training, go overseas, fight in Iraq, fight in Syria, then come home and get their surgery. Nobody does that — if they want to serve, they’ll serve.” ~Gage Gatlyn