Reading? That wasn’t part of the deal! ~Simpsons

Patch 1.5 is dropping for Fortnite at 7pm EST, and there are a ton of patch notes. There is a crazy amount jammed into it, and these were some of the important balance changes that I’m both excited about:

Updated live streaming quest rewards.
Replaced 500 Hero XP reward with 1 Mini Llama.
– being able to open more llama’s is always a good thing

Changed how stagger/stun/knockdown resistance functions for mid-sized enemies (Husky Husks, Blaster, Flinger). We increased the rate at which enemies regenerate Stability to partially compensate for this change.

Adjusted several of the lighter, faster-firing Shotguns so that they stagger enemies instead of knocking them down. Especially if the enemies hit are not at close range.
– being able to stagger with a shotgun from a far distance doesn’t make sense, so this is good

You can no longer increase the durability of Explosive weapon schematics.
Durability improvements on existing explosive weapon schematics have been replaced with increased damage improvements.
– people will hate this, but it makes sense; there have been matches where I’ve seen players shoot countless rockets and not have to replace the weapon

The Quick Play option now places players into the zones with the highest power level they are eligible to play in.
– if this works as intended, we should stop seeing significantly weaker party members when playing matches

Reduced the cost of many transformation recipes.
Evolving basic survivors will now require less Drops of Rain and other materials.

Constructors will be buffed
Increased base damage done to enemies that attack structures inside the Constructor’s BASE from 8 to 12
Increased base periodic damage done by the Electrical Floors perk from 3 to 4
– anything that encourages playing different classes is a good thing

Shuriken Master Sarah is nerfed (Boourns!)
Reduced base damage of Throwing Stars from 45 to 35
Reduced headshot bonus of Throwing Stars from 100% to 50%
Throwing Stars with the Piercing Stars perk are limited to penetrating through 3 enemies
Corrosive Stars periodic damage effect limited to 3 applications per target
– this kinda sucks, but I have an epic version of this class and she is quite OP, hopefully she’ll still be playable after this

Reload perks are nerfed
Quick Clip (Hero Perk): Reduced from 40% to 30%.
Quick Clip (Support Bonus): Reduced from 20%/30%/40% to 15%/22.5%/30%
– while weaker, its still a good thing b/c it encourages the use of other characters for support slots

More variety for melee
Anatomy Lessons and Five Winds Cut perks and support bonuses now properly apply only to edged melee weapons (Swords, Axes, Scythes)
Sword Critical Damage support bonus renamed to Keen Edge, and now applies to Axe and Scythe damage as well as Swords
– I’m really excited for this; I always felt pigeonholed into using a sword but now I can use Axes and Scythes (hence its always a good idea to keep epic/legendary schematics)

Although Ninja’s still want to use swords
Legendary Blade and Masamune perks now only apply to damage from Swords
Masamune now correctly increases Legendary Blade sword damage boost to 70%
– kinda disappointed at this, a game should encourage you to use one kind of weapon over others, especially when acquisition is based on RNG

Annoying sounds addressed
Fixed an issue causing the Phase Shift ability to play a Loot Llama voice line when activated.
– praise the Maker!