My group came together for a game night, which has unfortunately become a rather rare occasion, and we were able to play a match of Unfair. It had been quite a while since we last played this amazing board game, probably 3+ months ago. And because of that, it took quite a long time to setup, explain the rules to new players and we ended up forgetting a major rule which drastically affected gameplay.

I decided to write this printable guide, for future quick setups and to explain actions a player can take each turn. Unfair Quick Setup

How to Setup Unfair Quickly

Pick Themes:
# Players = # of Themes

If the themes are mixed up, just remove the cards that aren’t going to be involved, no need to separate in to their own piles b/c they will be shuffled together anyways.

Note: Ninja and Gangster themes are advanced themes that specialize in attacking other players and relying on luck.
Separate shuffled decks of:
All Park Cards
All Event Cards
All Blueprint Cards
Select 4 Unfair City Cards, put the blueprint warning card above and select 4 Funfair City Cards to go above that card.
Deal Each player:
5 park cards
They can mulligan if their opening hand doesn’t have an attraction in it.

20 coins
A Main Gate card and a Loan Card (facedown)

Players score points at the end of the game via:
1. 1 Point per 2 coins

2. Any blueprints completed (-10 points for any not completed)

3. Any staff members (vary in the amount of points)

4. How many icons there are on each of their attractions (up to 5 attractions in a park)

  1. Deduct Points from the use of Loans

Players take 1 of the following actions during their park turn:
Build, Take, Demolish or Loose Change

1. Build a Park Card in their hand by paying money.

2. Build a Park card in the Market by paying money. <–forgot that rule

3. Take a card of their choice in the Market and put it into their hand for free.

  1. Take 2 Event Cards, keep 1 or none.
  2. Take 2 Blueprint Cards, keep 1 or none.
  3. Take 2 Park Cards, keep 1 or none.
  4. Discard 1 card (Event/Park card), to Take 5 Park cards, keep 1, discard the rest.
  5. Demolish an attraction (this demolishes all upgrades on it) or Staff member

    9. Loose Change: Collect 1 money for each attraction



There is a 5 card hand limit which is determined during the Cleanup Step.

To build a Showcase Park Card, the player must have a total of 5 stars currently in their park.

Events with Pins, only last that one round and are discarded during the Cleanup Step.

You can take one or more loans at any time and do not count as an action.

No duplicate upgrades on a specific attraction unless it is a Quality Upgrade.

An attraction can have multiple themes but cannot have duplicate themes on the same attraction.

You can choose not to build any Showcase Park cards, return them to the bank (unrevealed) and gain 10 coins at any time (doesn’t count as an action).