The articles are a bit old now, but it is never too late to learn some new vocabulary.

This article talks about Ken Pagan, a Toronto Blue Jays fan that earned both the sporting world’s and a whole city’s wrath. It’s crazy how one small act can blow up and turn one’s life upside-down.

And then there’s his relationship with baseball itself. You would assume that for someone so enamoured of the game, being banned from MLB would be crushing. But Pagan is sanguine about it.”

– optimistic or positive, especially when in a bad situation
– in other instances: bloody

So despite all the bad press and the changes to his life, the article talks about how he’s actually optimistic about his future. Good for him!

The comment lit up the Twittersphere, where Sacco was excoriated for being racist. By the time she landed, she had become a trending topic.

– to be criticized severely
– in medical use: remove part of the surface of the skin

The thing with being indelicate on social media these days is that people do not hold back their wrath of your opinion. The response will be swift and brutal (just like Ken Pagan).

Trump is a media goldmine; liberals may be upset that they have to fight against Number 45′s destruction of the true American values, but the liberal media is ensured easy writing material for the next four years… unless something amazing (impeachment, resignation, etc) happens first.

Donald Trump is a non-interventionist. Donald Trump prefers détente to war.

– the easing of hostility between two countries

The article discusses how the Trump administration makes odd choices of advisers, who follow different ideologies and would later be knocking heads against later on.

That’s very antithetical to the two-party orthodoxy, which has run both parties for the last 40 years.

– directly opposed or mutually exclusive

As an outsider president, Trump is running into a lot of problems trying to reign in his own party and combat the Democrats.

I don’t want to characterize or cartoonize the president of the United States as a child. He’s a septuagenarian who thinks he can both deal and bully his way through life.

– a person who is between the ages of 70 to 79 years old

The presidency is the highest office in the land, one that has it’s own permanent platform and that deserves our respect. Number 45 is proving to be of extremely poor character, and instead of being a person that brings people together and a role model, is instead a divisive bully, that parents need to shield their children from, and members of his own party denounce nearly on a daily basis.