This was the second year in a row that I’ve had the honor of taking photos for the Rumble & Roar event. I think i’m pretty hard on myself on the quality of photos that I take, but I’m much happier of my photos this time around as I knew what to expect:
– low light photography
– taking photos of people in action
Taking a flash and expecting to use it was helpful, but even more important is knowing the flash drop-off is significant (doesn’t go very far, thus need to be close to your target). There were times I turned off the flash (knowing that it wouldn’t reach my target), and switched to Shutter Priority of 1/60s to ensure the photo was crisp still and froze motion.
I love this event because it is worthy of attention, has wonderful people both volunteering and taking part, and finally has great, positive energy.
I highly recommend it, or taking part of something like this.