Lazy Wolf Games has come out with their new card game via Kickstarter: Bearly Working and I thought i’d write up a quick start guide:

Quick Setup:

Player 1: Shuffle the Auction Bear pile.
Player 2: Shuffle the Action Cards pile.
Player 3: Give each player 3 Gold Coins, and 5 Silver Coins
Player 4: Place the Round Tracker Card, red cube (to track the day) and the 1st Player tracker in a visible area. Hand out a reference card to each player.

Quick Rules:

Objective of the Game: Have the most Victory Points (denoted by Gold stars on cards) at the end of 5 days.

Each day, there are 3 phases:
1. Auction Phase
– 5 Bear cards are put face-down, are flipped over one at a time, and players bid simultaneously for them. The player that bids the most, wins the bear. When there are ties (two players bidding the same amount at the same time), the player that has more money pays one additional coin and wins.
– 10 Bears are auctioned on the First Day
– the person that acquires the first bear of the Auction Phase of a day, earns the First Player Token

2. Payday Phase
– Players count up the number of silver coins on their bears and get the appropriate amount of coins (also count up any negatives as well).

3. Action Phase
Each player, starting with the 1st player chooses to either:
1. Collect 5 coins
2. Draw an Action Card (can play it at that point)
Repeat this 2 more times. After this is done, increment the day and start at Phase 1.

Note: A player can have only up to 5 Action cards in their hand.

Major Ways to Earn Points:
1. Some Bears have a Gold Star with a number on the left, this denotes the amount of points it is worth.
2. Avoid having Bears with Skull symbols on them. Each Skull is work -1 point.
3. Purchasing the Congress Bear gives the Raise Morale card which gives 2 points.
4. The player with the most bears at the end of the game earns (the Biggest Community Achievement card) 3 points.
5. The player with the most money at the end of the game earns (the Biggest Economy Achievement card) 3 points.
6. Have the most Collect-a-Bears (denoted with a circled green “!”) cards earns 5 points.