One of the biggest challenges in introducing new games to players, besides teaching them the rules, is setting up the game quickly before they lose interest or get too rowdy.

Here is a quick setup guide for 5 Minute Dungeon!
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Each player picks a Hero Mat
Player 1 – Shuffle the Door Cards
Player 2 – Shuffle the Challenge Cards
All other players – Shuffle their Hero (Colored) Decks
Pick a Boss Card
In the bottom right of the card, it tells you how many Door Cards to have in your deck.

Add 2 Challenge Cards per player and shuffle them into the deck.

Each player deals a starting hand of X amount of cards depending on the # of players:
4 – 5 Players = 3 Cards
3 Players = 4 Cards
2 Players = 5 Cards (in a 2-player game, shuffle an additional Hero Deck together)