Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

I was reading this article earlier this week on how a federal judge is pushing back against Number 45’s executive orders that would slash funding to cities that limit their cooperation with immigration authorities. It made me ask and think of the following:

What is a Sanctuary City?
– a city that limits its cooperation with the government effort to enforce immigration law
– these cities implement laws that prohibit police and city employees from questioning people about their immigration status and refusing requests by the government to detain people (if suspected of being an illegal immigrant)

What are the Sanctuary Cities of America?
– there are many; they mainly are on the West Coast (Washington state, Oregon, California) and on the North East Coast (New York state, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Pennsylvania)

Does Canada/other countries have Sanctuary Cities?
– Canada: Toronto, Hamilton, London, Montreal (other large cities are looking at becoming sanctuary cities as well)
United Kingdom:Β  Sheffield, Swansea, Camden (provides services such as housing, education and cultural integration)