Do you enjoy Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon for the dueling aspect, but wish you were a crazy Shepherd that used mutated goats (Gruffs) to battle instead?
Enter: Gruff.

Object of the game: defeat the opponent’s Shepherd or kill all of your enemy’s Gruffs

Each player picks a Shepherd (S)
Each player picks 3 Gruffs (g)
Apply the black(red) markers to the starting value for the Shepherds and Gruffs:
Grab the 8 ability cards of each appropriate Gruff and shuffle them together.
Setup the Shepherds and Gruffs in the following arrangement:

g g g
g g g

Draw 5 cards each.
The First player (randomly chosen) does not draw a card on the first turn.
Choose and Activate a Gruff (turn sideways, sideways=exhausted and a cannot be used again)
This usually triggers a Gruff ability, do that first, THEN apply the Weird points as Crazy resource.
Play any number of ability cards as long as their combined cost (# in top left purple circle) is equal to or less than your shepherd’s Crazy score:

Tactical option: Select to either:
1. Initiate Attack (move Gruff forward)
2. Move (change positions of an ADJACENT owned live/dead gruff)
3. Grow (increase one of the stats of the activated gruff)
4. Resurrect (return any dead gruff to life with the same stats, un-exhausted state)

After this, the Normal Turn Order:
1. Clean up – Resolve attack (of YOUR Gruff); and fight the opposing Gruff (compare your Gruff’s mean vs defender’s (Gruff) fat:
If mean+damage>fat+defense, defender’s Gruff dies, and any additional damage, goes to defenders Shepherd.
If mean<fat, nothing happens to either defender or defending shepherd)
If all your Gruffs are either exhausted or dead, you can refresh them (turn them back to un-exhausted state, leave the dead Gruffs, dead)
If there are any existing Condition (ability) cards on your side of the field, remove them from play:
2. Draw a card, if deck is exhausted, do not shuffle cards, do not draw any cards.
3. Activate a Gruff.
4. Choose a Tactical Option.
5. If hand is greater than 7, discard cards down to 7.

For the complete rules, and the publisher’s website.