Unlike my Mysterium write-up, Kingdom Builder is a much easier game to setup and learn BUT is no less enjoyable to play!

Object of the Game: To have the most points/”gold” at the end of the game.

Basically: With a pool of 40 settlement tokens, earn as many points as possible by building next to Castle locations (3 points per Castle): kbuild2
and by meeting the objectives of the Kingdom Builder (Objective) cards:kbuild1
The bulk of points will be obtained by meeting the Kingdom Builder objective cards.

Each round players place 3 settlement tokens on the board that matches the terrain of the card that they drew. This continues until a player places their last settlement which triggers the last round in which every other player gets to place 3 settlement tokens one more time.

Quick Setup:

1. Pick four Game Board Pieces and connect them.
2. Each Game Board Piece has 1 Unique location (along with a Castle), Place the 4 Summary Location Tiles attached to the appropriate board.
3. For each location tile on each board, place 2 Location Tiles on each location hex.
4. Shuffle all Terrain Cards (graphic of a castle).
5. Shuffle the Kingdom Builder (objective) Cards  (graphic of a knight on a horse) and randomly draw 3 of them face up.

Each player takes:
– 40 Settlement Tokens
– puck-shaped point tracking token
– 1 Terrain Card face down/ hidden

The Oldest player takes:
– the Starting Player token

Basic Turn order:
1. Reveal Terrain card
2. Mandatory 3 settlement placement
3. Optional Location Tile extra actions
4. Discard Terrain card, draw new Terrain card (stays hidden)
5. Next player turn

Additional Rules:

Building Rules:
1. A player must always place 3 Settlement Tokens on their turn.
2. Players must build only on the hex of the terrain type of the card that they drew.
3. A player must always build each new settlement ADJACENT to at least one of their own existing settlements, if possible.

If this is not possible, the player  (if this is their initial 3 tokens) must choose a new unoccupied hex of the same terrain where they can build their settlement.

If a player builds their settlement next to a Location tile hex, they immediately get one of the Location tiles from that location  (the third person to build there does not get a tile). Placing additional settlements on adjacent to this Location tile hex does NOT grant an additional tile.

Location tiles gives the player a bonus action (on the start of their NEXT turn) after they’ve placed their mandatory 3 settlements. A bonus action either allows the player to place an additional settlement:
OR move an existing settlement:
The player can choose to skip their extra actions.

– there are little bridges that cross water/canyon tiles, these are just fluff details and do not act as bridges to other tiles.

**Note: all pictures taken from the official rules pdf