Zombicide Black Plague is a cooperative mission-based miniatures board game in a fantasy setting by the publishers CMON (Cool Mini or Not). It is a fantastic game (currently ranked #104 on Board Game Geek)that is easy to setup and learn and has tons of replayability. I wrote up a guide below on how to setup the game, teach it to new players and even included a print-able reference guide for new players!

Objective of the game:
To complete all the Quest objectives.
Avoid all Survivors being eliminated (killed) by zombies
Avoid allowing too many Necromancers from escaping.

Quick Start
Host: pick the Quest and place all tokens

Guests take:

– Pick their character & take the appropriate Survivor Id Card
– Survivor Dashboard
– Plastic base (color) & figurine
– 5 plastic trackers of the same color
– Set Wounds to 0
– Set Experience/Danger tracker to 0
– Place the Survivor Id Card in the Plastic Dashboard
– Put 3 trackers in reserve, and 1 tracker in the Blue Skill area of the Plastic Dashboard (explain what their special ability is)

Print out Zombicide BP Player Guide PDF and hand one out as a reference for each player!

Other setup instructions:
Put aside Vault Equipment Cards
Shuffle Zombie Cards (remove any cards per Quest prior)
Shuffle Equipment Cards

Put aside the Starting Equipment cards and share with the survivors
– each Survivor must have atleast 1 card

Decide who will be first player & give them the first player token

Zombie Phase

1. Move/Attack
– move all zombies 1 space closer to the appropriate survivor
– if a zombie is already in a space of a survivor they attack (players choose at this point who the zombies will attack, whether equal or not, armor is calculated, if any, and then damage dealt)

2. Runners act again
– move/attack

3. Spawn
– starting with the same specific spawn point each round, draw a Zombie card and spawn the appropriate # of zombies according to the card and difficulty level

End Phase
– remove all Noise tokens from the board
– move First Player token to the player to the left

Things to remember:

– players can shoot into and out of buildings into that one connected zone ONLY; they cannot keep shooting through additional zones.
– if a player opens a door to a building and draws a double spawn card, do not draw any more zombies for that room, instead draw two zombie cards for the new instance of a spawn.
– opening the vault doesn’t spawn zombies in the vault BUT opening the door to the EXIT of the vault, spawns zombies in the exit room (entrance room, room, exit room).
– if zombies are in the same zone as survivor, it will take the normal action point to move out, PLUS the # of zombies in that zone
– if a necromancer escapes: turn the necromancer spawn point into a normal spawn point
– if you kill a necromancer: remove a spawn point of your choice