Epic Spell Wars (ESW) is a competitive dueling card game where 2-6 wizards duel each other with wild, fantastic and hilarious spells. ESW is a combination of Harry Potter and the art style of Rick and Morty. Wizards take turns casting spells at each other, damaging their enemies, healing themselves, and obtaining treasure to become the last wizard standing.

Objective of the game:
Defeat all opponents (by bringing their health to 0) and earn a Last Wizard Standing token.
Win the game by earning 2 Last Wizard Standing tokens.

Quick setup:
Shuffle the Spell Cards
Shuffle the Treasure Cards
Shuffle the Dead Wizard Cards

Players pick which Wizard they want and sets the health tracker at 20 (unless they have a Dead Wizard card that says otherwise)

Deal 8 cards to each player.

How to Play:
Each player picks UP TO 3 spell components to play against their opponents.
There are 3 spell components:
Source (Beginning of the spell)
Quality (middle of the spell)
Component (End of the spell)
A player can ONLY play 1 of each type of spell component.

The faster the spell, the sooner the player casts the spell.

Speed is determined in two ways:
1. How many spell components there are in the spell
– the fewer parts, the faster it is
– a 1 component spell is always faster than a 2 component spell
– a 2 component spell is always faster than a 3 component spell

2. By the Initiative indicator on the Delivery component
– the higher the number, the faster the spell
– if a spell doesn’t have a Delivery component, the spell is considered to have 0 (slowest) Initiative
– if there is a tie for Initiative, players roll dice to determine who goes first
Note: There are spell components named “Impatient” which bypasses both these rules and allows the player to go first.

All spells have Glyphs at the bottom left of the card.
There are 5 different kinds of Glyphs that typically have a specific theme.

e.g. Arcane damages players while gaining you Treasures
Dark has a possibility to do massive damage with a possibility to hurt yourself.

When a player casts a spells that uses a “Roll Power“, they look at that card’s Glyph and add a dice for each matching glyph on the other spell component card:
The more dice, the greater the chance to roll higher, which typically results in a more devastating spell.

Once a spell is selected, the player faces the cards down and waits for all other wizards to pick their spells.

Once all players have selected a spell, they all announce how many spell components are in their spell.

Speed is determined and the fastest player casts their spell.
At the end of each round, players draw up to 8 cards.

This continues until all opponents have zero health.

Any players that dies (they put their spells and treasures to the appropriate discard piles), gains a Dead Wizard Card immediately, and an additional one at the start of each round. These cards provide various bonuses for the next game, making it easier for them to win next time.


The official (long) rules.