It’s been a while, but no time like the present to develop good writing habits (to write often). We’ll start off with something a little easier.. words that we probably know, but are good to verify that we have the right definition of:

You see it all the time. Hammer the table when it benefits you, not when it disadvantages your guy that has the same jersey on. There’s no rational explanation except being duplicitous.
– deceitful, to intentionally hide your true feelings or intentions behind false words/actions

In this situation, Republican Senator Tillis, is making a stand and is trying to pass a law that would allow a 10-day window  for a special group to fight a removal of person on the Special Counsel (federal investigative agency, like Mueller of the FBI). He says it is deceitful/dishonorable as a Republican, to give Donald Trump a pass because he is a Republican president, while in the same situation, be clamoring up if the situation was reversed and was happening to Hillary Clinton.

Communications that are unrelated to legal advice or are in furtherance of an ongoing crime, are not privileged.
– the advancement of a scheme or interest

This article discussed how the FBI had raided President Trump’s lawyer and how it is a big deal because it is not something done lightly and suggests that there is some collusion or scheming by that party which can be illegal.

Conservative firebrand Rep. Jim Jordan’s step toward a long-shot bid for House speaker Friday was most notable for the stern warning it delivered to the top contender for the post…
– a person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action

Jim Jordan is a Republican and a founder of the House Freedom Caucus which is related to the Tea Party Movement (a hard-liner conservative movement). Normally, in the hyper partisan politics that consume the US, Republicans stick up for each other and vote together, but this article talks about how he is willing to risk failing to pass laws, unless he gets what he/his party wants (to become House Speaker, or Majority Leader).