The Ontario Provincial elections are on June 7th and I imagine most of the public doesn’t know very much about any of the candidates, other than:
– we all hate Wynne
Ford is a crook and a vote for Trump
– a vote for Horwath is a wasted vote

Information of a party’s platform usually requires a lot of research, then reading, and then comparing it to the other parties. I thought I would save you some time and write up a spreadsheet showing each of the party’s platforms and came up with the following:

Essentially: each party will hire new nurses/staff (the nurse vote), have more beds (we all hate waiting), concentrate on mental health (hot topic), reduce costs for drugs.


Essentially for children: each party is looking for ways to make child care more affordable for parents.

For Transportation: each party is looking to expand public transit. Be wary with the Conservative decrease of gasoline taxes as there needs to be a way to compensate for the lack of revenue. I personally like the idea of cheaper auto insurance.. how the NDP intends on implementing it, I’d like to find out.


For Education: I honestly parsed through this a little haphazardly as for most people this article is intended for, either don’t have children that will make use of student loans or are just finishing school and this won’t affect them much anymore.

For Money: business as usual for the Liberals, with the note of increased revenue from smokers. Conservatives reduce taxes for businesses to possibly attract more companies. Be wary of the NDP plan to remove ‘time of use billing’, basically unless you’re home and using electricity during normal work hours, you won’t benefit from this, but actually end up paying anywhere between 15-25% more on your electricity bills.


For Safety (marijuana): Liberal – regulation, Conservatives – less regulation, NDP – regulation but needs more support.

The environment is important.. but was passed over for the other categories, b/c I believe every-day Canadians are more interested in other areas (b/c we are selfish and are looking out for ourselves and our family, even if that comes at the expense of our environment/our future).

At the end of the day, I believe I need to do more research:
– are the problems we encounter today due to everything Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal party cohorts did, or was it working with the mess that was given to her thanks to her predecessor (Dalton Mcguinty)?
– look at the achievements of the Liberal party and whether they’re important to you
the Conservative party has ‘bold’ ideas, but is constantly criticized about a lack of a definite plan. The USA had a candidate that was loose on the details and ended up with a truly ineffective government.
the NDP party hasn’t been in power since 1990, is a perennial third place party and begs the question whether they have quality members that can lead one of the strongest provinces in Canada?

Many sources via various news publications, but specifically thanks to the Maclean’s article.