I was reviewing my blog and noticed I haven’t had any photography-related posts in a very long time. I still take photos, but per the right, for Instagram.. or on my Instax Polaroid. Here are a variety of photos that I’ve taken this year.

A new addition to my best friend’s family. Just doing some family photos. My friends will have a huge family photo album all the way from childhood. What is funny is that the older brother sometimes needed coaxing to pose/keep interest in taking photos and my friend would feed him some M&M’s periodically to keep him engaged πŸ˜€
(Halloween) Other times its easy to get kids to take photos. Ethan here saw Uncle Jon taking photos and ran into the other to get his own camera to take a picture of Mom and little Sis.
Kids are the best, but they totally change your world. We don’t have game nights every weekend (multiple times on a weekend, Settlers of Catan days), but when we do, it’s always a blast. The trick is entertaining kids/keeping them away, otherwise they want to participate too and I’ve found most games require the board/table to not be altered unnecessarily. Here we have Jayden being herself and trying to grab some cards.
When I’m not doing event photography or family photography, I find myself doing nature photography (landscape and macro). This is a photo of one of the very few cherry blossom trees at Kariya Park in Mississauga. I’ve been disappointed for the past three years straight as the weather here is wild and cherry blossoms are only in bloom for a very short time. One bad storm/windy day and they’ll all be gone. This year, only 1 tree was in full bloom, but it was really tall and had a lineup of people wanting to take a photo in-front of it.
A photographer has to come prepared and when I got tired of taking photos of a disappointing Kariya Park, I went to my secret spot, a garden at Mississauga town hall, that I knew had some unique flowers/plants that I could take photos of. Best of all, no people/competing photographers.
One day, I plan on having a vibrant, well-kept front and back garden which will not only be pleasing to neighbors and passerby’s, but one that I could use to take macro photos for myself. While I currently struggle to be good and even mow the lawn every 2 weeks, I will make do by taking photos like this, of my wife’s succulents.
I normally don’t take too many photos from game nights, only due to the fact that I bring WAY too many games over now and bringing photography equipment is another 2 bags. Here we are at a friend’s place testing out a prototype of a Kickstarter game, Prey Care that my dear friend Matthew helped provide logistical expertise to.
Sometimes the thing that seems least productive, or provides the smallest impact in life, is the most enjoyable. Taking a nap, gorging on your favorite snack, coloring, or in this case, painting miniature figurines. When I started painting the figurines for Zombicide Black Plague, I didn’t think that:
1. I had the creative talent to paint,
2. I had the steady hand to paint something smaller than your thumb.
I was pleasantly proven wrong on both accounts as the figurines came out beautiful and I developed a great sense of enjoyment (relaxing and the feeling of achievement) from the activity.