I’ll be the first to admit that writing is an art that requires skill and thought and that I myself, do not write professionally for a major news outlet (although I do write procedural manuals for a major banking institution). In my opinion, a poorly written article is one where the average reader glazes over significant portions of the article due to not being able to comprehend the vocabulary used in it.

This is one of these cases, as I found myself looking up a significant portion of it. The author is trying to explain how it is important to have a discussion with all people, that we cannot just dismiss people that we believe are wrong and provide labels to them.

“To state the obvious, Conservative MP Maxime Bernier’s attempts to irrupt into the liberal orthodoxy of identity politics is a bit rich.”

– enter forcibly or suddenly

Vs Erupt: be ejected or removed

“He’s been repeating that sort of vacuous tautology ever since. It’s his favorite theme”

– mindless, with little thought

– repeating the same thing but in a different way/different words

“For neologistic pronouns and euphemisms, for tight controls on speech and for recognition that ethnicity or sexuality perforce bestows some sort of unique merit.”

– a new word, usage, or expression (in this case: new pronoun)

– necessity, inevitability

“I dislike nationalism of any sort, and I regard Canada as a convenient modus vivendi in which I am content to participate

Modus Vivendi
– an agreement between conflicting parties to coexist peacefully