“Erin O’Toole, the Conservative shadow minister for foreign affairs, said news of the U.S.-Mexico deal just confirmed that the Trudeau government had…”

Shadow Minister
– a politician who holds a political post within their party, but whose party is not in government/in power and is the opposition party

This article talks about how the US and Mexico recently agreed on a new bilateral trade agreement, and how the pressure is on Canada now to do the same since the NAFTA negotiations have stalled. Conservative analysts and politicians see the Liberal government as playing a weak hand, while others think that the Trudeau government has done a good job at trying to get a fair deal for both countries.

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions has similarly flouted Trump’s demands to un-recuse himself from Russia-related matters. In recent days, Trump has dialed up his insults. “

– to excuse oneself from a legal case on the grounds of possible conflict of interest

This article talks about the departure of another of Donald Trump’s lawyers, Don McGahn. The sticking point to the article talks about how the Trump administration is playing this as a voluntary dismissal, but others argue that he was fired because he defied Trump’s order to instruct the Justice Department to fire special counsel Robert Mueller. Those around Trump that fail to show ‘loyalty’ tend to find themselves unemployed shortly after, which is why there are those that expect Jeff Sessions to be fired as well.

“Still, the most fecund scallop beds are located in a region known as the Baie de Seine.”

– fertile
– capable of producing an abundance

This article talks about how there are escalating tensions between France and the UK fisheries and how with Brexit, the UK is evading the French/EU scallop fishing laws and fishing in French waters when they shouldn’t be.

“Seized by paroxysms of anger, Trump has intermittently pushed to fire his attorney general since March 2017, when Sessions announced his recusal from the Russia investigation”

– sudden violent expression of a particular emotion
– “outburst” or “eruption”

This article talks about how many Republicans think that firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a bad idea as it would interfere with the Mueller investigation and help build an obstruction of justice case. Trump thinks that the Justice Department should work for him, and that Session’s recusal from the Russian investigation, puts him in danger of being charged with a crime.