Good Games USA‘s third (base game) Kickstarter is about to end in the 24 and I wanted to share a video by the creator. I have purchased their previous game Unfair which is a competitive theme-park based board game, and it is one of my favorite games of all time.

The game, Guild Master is a 2-4 player competitive board game where you manage your own fantasy adventurers’ guild and compete against rivals to have the most famous guild in the land.

Check out the below video by the company which goes over a two-player gameplay.

Watching the gameplay video, it reminds me very much of the game Lords of Waterdeep (which I also own), where points are earned by completing quests and there is the building of facilities. I like how there is the purchasing of unique heroes, instead of heroes/units (in Lords of Waterdeep) being faceless and disposable resources.