You might be asking, “what is the purpose to these vocabulary entries”, to which my answer is: in my everyday surfing of the net, I come across words in articles that I don’t understand and after spending time getting a better understanding of it, I like sharing it with others. At the same time, (as long as I share it early enough) I get to share current events; so two birds with one stone.

Note: I would prefer my examples to not always be politically-themed, but most of the obscure words I come across are written by CNN or Politico writers which cover, you guessed it, politics.

Gene Rossi, a former federal prosecutor from Virginia who has been tracking Manafort’s case, called the plea ‘another huge victory and a seminal moment for the Mueller team.’

– two meanings: strongly influencing later developments & relating to semen
– in this case ‘strongly influencing later developments’, which is related to Mueller’s investigation of Russian Interference and how that relates to Trump

This was a huge victory because Robert Mueller is gathering evidence for his case (Russian Interference and how it links to Trump) and these are people that have worked extremely close to Trump. In Manafort’s case, he was the former campaign manager who would have been involved in meetings with the Russians at Trump Tower. They (and a slew of people, including Cohen & now Manafort) are now working with Mueller towards the investigation.

And the problems at Foggy Bottom go far beyond hiring. The State Department budget is still less than 5 percent of the military’s…

Foggy Bottom
– a nickname for a neighborhood in Washinton DC which has the offices of the United States Department of State (deals with advising the President & represents the country in international affairs and foreign policy issues)
(The area of the city to the west of The White House)

This article talks about how it appears that the State Department is spending time and resources appearing as functioning and being stable, whereas it is nowhere near the truth, being understaffed, lacking resources and being dysfunctional.

Trump has an amazing ability, through the force of his personality and his instinct for the mediagenic provocations, to blot out the sun.

– tending to convey a favorable impression when reported by the media
– why it looks/sounds familiar: “photogenic”

Although Trump hasn’t started any major wars or economic depressions, he suffers from poor approval ratings because of the way he comes off through his social media habits. This is bad because the US midterms are coming up and every sitting president has lost seats during midterms. Having poor approval ratings could result in the majority changing hands from the Republicans to the Democrats.