This Monday, Bethesda allowed their guests to share apparently 400 hours worth of gameplay videos of the new Fallout 76. It answered a ton of questions and I thought I’d share what I watched. This is what I got from only the following two videos:

If you told me it was Fallout 4 but with other real players, I’d say yes.
– same Fallout 4 graphics & art assets (buildings/walls/items)
– 4k looks great but at times still pretty bad (bottom video around 28:00)
– the same type of compass with landmarks
– health, water, and food tracker
– there is still a radio

They implemented new (welcome) features
– Pipboy is on the left side and transparent allowing you to see what’s still going on in the background
– picking up items shows their durability
– definite depth/incline to the map; no longer flat like Fallout 3/4, but with mountains and rolling hills like Skyrim

Communication tools
– Emotes wheel is pretty useful
– there will be local voice chat
– didn’t see any place to do local server chatbox

This is a multiplayer game
– can see party member’s health and rads
– Charisma is useful; many perk cards that will be valuable when playing with others
– as simple as going up to someone and (on the console) press Y
– being able to fast travel for free to party members
– trade interface, no need to drop items on the ground (turns into paper bags when you do)
– the map shows you where all the players are on the server and can hover to show their names
– there is a “downed state”, can use stimpacks to res other players; when downed, the player has 30s: can call for help or give up

Can play in either First Person View or Third Person view

Yes there are quests
– quest tracker on top right
– radiant quests
– daily quests and weekly quests
– quests that encourage grouping up

Not worried about PvP or griefers
– wanted people’s name shows up on the map, how much caps they’re worth, can see their level
– slap damage is incredibly low
– red circle that shows the area to be nuked and shows how much time before it goes off; lots of time to get out
– when killed by other players, has the choice of either: respawn, seek revenge, or ignore
– can walk through enemies and allies (won’t be blocked)

There are still NPC’s
– vendor bots that buy and sell
– humanoid enemies, The Scorched, which are enemy ghouls

– shows you the exact level of enemies; players are able to do damage and defeat enemies 20+ levels above them
– Bobbleheads are no longer permanent buffs, but 1 hour strong buffs instead
– containers will respawn loot after a certain time period and are instanced to the individual player

Take a look at the original Reddit post which has all of the links.