As promised per my videos, go here for a printable (make it 2-sided) reference guide for Monster Lands.

Monster Lands – Multiplayer Reference Guide

Dice Pool Deployment Preparation Phase
Determine if you have enough dice:
– Check Mercenaries
– Check the Clan Tracker based off Glory (Blue Star)

Everyone Rolls their Yellow dice

Deployment Phase:
The player must have enough gold to make a purchase (Traps, Mercenaries, Equipment) to go to the appropriate Citiadel location, and must pay atleast 1 gold, no matter their discount.

Replace any Traps, Mercenaries, and Equipment after a player completes their purchase.

Any Traps or Potions that are assigned on Mercenaries, do not count towards the maximum amounts you can store on your clan tracker.
If you ever exceed the maximum allowed Traps, Potions or Defense tokens, immediately discard down the allowed amount.

If you have more Reputation (Red Star) than Glory (Blue Star), you cannot purchase more Mercenaries.
Cannot use a discount on the Buy a Round of Beer action.
When Hiring, always remember to increase Reputation and acquire the appropriate dice.

Elixirs allow the reroll of a single Strength or Magic Dice.

Don’t forget Path Header bonuses.
Cannot pass your turn if you still have dice.

Trophies can be discarded at any time for 5 gold per Victory Point value.
Loot tokens can be used at any time.

Adventure Phase

Land Battle Order:
1 – Reveal Traps and place any additional dice on them.
2 – Player to the left of the assigned player takes black dice depending on Monster Strength.
+1 Dice if Affinity of Monster matches Affinity of Land
Or +2 Dice if Above, and Monster’s special ability.
3 – Assigned player chooses to discard Purple dice to remove black attack dice.
4 – Black dice are rolled: Numbers 3 – 6 Are Hits
Can defend with Defense Tokens, Special Abilities (Mercenary talents, Equipped Equipment, Path Benefits, Defense from the Citadel) or Potions.

If two people succeed at a Dicerolling Mission, the person with the lower result/loser only gets 2 gold and not the stated reward.

Cannot send out Novices outside the Citadel, but they still cost wages.
Novice special ability doesn’t count as a separate action.

Venom CAN be used to conquer a land.

If your Mercenary dies, get the appropriate amount of Glory, decrease the appropriate amount of reputation, and discard all equipped equipment.
If you fail at a Monster attack or Conquering a Land:
– leave dice results on the path
– dice modifier traps do not apply to the next assigned mercenary
– if you fail and survive, take 1 Loot at the end

Cleanup Phase
1 – Take assignment tokens, gold, and unused potions.
Discard assigned traps, defense tokens and any used potions (venoms & elixirs)

2 – Any attacked but not captured/eliminated Monsters moves to the Citadel
– the strongest Monster stays, flip Panic token

3 – Replace dead leaders with the Mercenary with the Highest Reputation that is not settled, unless it is the last Mercenary

4 – Wages are paid on any Mercenary that is not Leaders OR on Settled Lands
If less than 11 Glory = 1 Gold per Mercenary,
11-20 Glory = 2 Gold per Mercenary,
30+ Glory = 3 Gold per Mercenary
– if you cannot pay wages: remove all gold, Mercenary with the highest reputation is discarded

5 – Glory Verification, if it’s round 6 or a player has 30+ Glory, game ends and points are calculated

6 – Board reset, move all dice back to appropriate dice pools
– replace Missions, replace empty Monster/Land spaces, replace Path Header if Land is replaced

7 – First Player Assignment
– goes to the player with the lowest Reputation
– Ties: goes to the tied player to the Right of the current First Player

8 – Move Round Marker

Calculating Victory Points
1 Victory Point per Glory
1 Victory Point per Reputation
1 – 3 Victory Points per Trophy
Points according to this Matching Affinity chart: