For all writers, today is a gimme in terms of writing an article on politics today, and even articles not on politics (because no one is reading them).

Let’s look at some takeaways and analysis of the articles I read this morning:


Before the elections: Republicans controlled the House/Congress with 235 seats, Democrats had 193 seats before.
After the election, the Democrats now control the majority at 222 seats (218 required), while the Republicans have 199.

Beto O’Rourke lost to Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate elections.. but it was crazy close; essentially 50 to 49%. Approximately 8 MILLION people voted, half for each, with only approximately 200 thousand more for Cruz:

Most non-middle states’ city centers were Blue/Democrat.
California and most of the western house seats were blue. Surprising (to me), most of the southern part of Texas was blue (as well as a city center in Texas).
North-Eastern coast of US was blue.

Democrats lost 2 Senate seats to the Republicans who now have the majority in the Senate.
Many Senate seats did NOT have an election (gray States per above).
7 Senate races were incredibly close like Texas:  In Florida, the Republican candidate won by only 20k votes, 16k in Arizona (Republican winner), and 33k in Nevada (Democrat).

There were approximately 9 million more early voters this year which you could attribute to being set on their vote and eager to be part of the process.

In the end, whether you’re happy or sad about last night’s election results, one thing is sure, we’ve just passed the 2-year mark for this presidency and that is elections will happen again, possibly making bigger changes (Senate elections, and Presidential elections).

**Formatting isn’t the best with WordPress.. Maps from CNN.