Good news, I think creating videos is actually becoming easier. The more I do it, the more natural it becomes. 

I feel like having certain things, like a more powerful video editor, or maybe a table mic would make my experience easier and thus more fun. I used to be snobby and think photography was all about the photographer and their skill, and that saying gear makes a (significant) difference, is just a crutch. But taking photos over the years (10+), I’ve come to (my own) the opinion that good photography comes from a trifecta:

  1. The Photographer. Some people have an eye for photos, and you have to be taking photos to get better naturally, and actually have photos to be able to share.
  2. The Gear. I have a very generous uncle who gifted me 3 different camera bases over the year (Nikon D200, D300s, and D750). Over that time, I’ve also spent more time researching lens and money on them. Each time I’ve upgraded, it’s become easier to get more light, get the shot and get a good photo (part #1, but also part the newer technology).
  3. The Extra Skill. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with photo editing software; I like how some people can make their photos go from pretty good to fantastic, but I dislike how prevalent it is, and how noticeable it is sometimes, giving the false impression of how photos should look. I think similar to my hobby of painting board game miniature figurines, I didn’t have the patience to pour so much time and effort into something small, whether its one figurine or one photo. (maybe that’s where I’m wrong: I should spend as much time as needed to get something perfect and that the satisfaction I get from that, will be time well spent.)
An example of a photo editing software going to the extreme. Obviously it’s overdone, but in my eyes its very nice. Side note: I will always remember this photo b/c it was the day I heard my grandfather had died and I skipped out on church and walked along the creek that was next to the church to take this photo.

Something I want to work on in the future is not having a script and being more natural. Most of my recent videos, especially my gameplay videos have a voice-over and thus I do a script beforehand. It’s a lot of work and in my opinion, comes across as robotic. I always envy the people that I believe are following a script, but comes across very natural.