It has been a LONG time, but we’re doing it again, and hopefully a little more consistently and that is: to add more posts about my photography. What is a little tricky, is somehow remembering what photos I’ve posted so there is no duplication on my blog.

Kariya Park

The great thing about architecture photography, is that you can just go and take the photo. People don’t really gawk at you when you do it, because there IS beauty in human-made constructs.

I’ve seen a few cos-players use the Japanese Cherry Blossom park in Mississauga, as a backdrop for their costumes… although they tend to focus more on the cherry blossoms than the architecture and the rare bell.

This photo is actually kind-of rare due to the fact that the park is usually very busy and would have people all over the place.

Somewhere in Quebec

I know when I took this photo, but not particularly sure where. There was a weekend that my friend Pat said to John and myself: “hey guys, i don’t want to be home this weekend, let’s go to Montreal to take photos.” I scoffed, as I thought that was code for “go very far away to go to strip clubs.” To my happy surprise, we arrived in Montreal at 2am and took photos til seven in the morning and continued to only take photos the entire weekend.

The color of the blue in this photo has been modified from Photoshop and reminds me of the type of photos I see on Instagram. The photographer enhances the color to an unnatural amount to make the color pop and seem unearthly at the same time. I both dislike that effect, and really like it.

Somewhere in Montreal

Another night shot from Montreal. I didn’t expect it to be lit up light this at night, but it makes the building look really impressive. I forget how many of these photos required the use of my tripod.

Red Window

This really caught my eye.. and unfortunately not happy with the clarity, but it’s more about what is unique, which is a tall building where two windows are red.. purposely to stand out.

I have a TON of favorite photos from my Montreal trip, and this is one of them. Something about the tones, is very pleasing to me.. maybe the lines and how at the end of the street is this golden, welcoming shop, that just seems to invite you to enter.