9 Years Ago

What’s the story behind this photo?
This is the beginning of the off ramp to a highway. It’s amazing how much life changes and how much thought and design goes into the things we take for granted. I like this photo because it’s unique, and also it was quite a walk off the beaten path.

Somewhere in… Quebec City

I forgot I took this picture. I obviously like the symmetry and the steps between different levels of the city.

One of my favorite photos from my Quebec trip with John and Patrick. Everyone is busy doing their own thing in a crowded side street. I like how the woman in the middle is out of focus, but your eyes are still drawn to her. It makes me wonder, “what is she looking at, what is she thinking about?”

Imagine back in the day, you were invading enemy forces and you came across this fortress? An sheer cliff that prevents you from climbing it, soldiers shooting down at you, like fish in a barrel with muskets and cannons.

Meanwhile in Toronto

I love patterns, repetition and taking the time to appreciate the beauty around me.