Some wouldn’t say this was a photoshoot per se, but an event where I took a large amount of great photos. My wife’s best friend’s birthday falls on Halloween and each year she has themed birthdays. If you can’t tell, it’s an Alice in Wonderland theme. I love this shot because without need of alcohol, a group of friends who may not normally all hang out together can produce a moment such as this: full of energy and happiness.

Parents love their children and do so much for them, especially at an early age. My friend’s kid’s birthday was no exception. It was a dinosaur themed birthday with a sandpit (with hidden dinosaurs), dinosaur eggs and loot bags, and even dinosaur-themed food:

A big lesson for anyone doing indoor photography is: always bring your flash. I don’t know what I would have done without it, other than get dark, blurry and unusable photos.

This was a engagement photoshoot for one of my wife’s best friends. Many of the photos were done indoors (once again, bring that flash!) and had wonderful fancy furniture which is so important for photos. Even something simple that is barely pictured, is the fireplace ledge. It allowed the male model to lean on it, and produce a pleasing effect, even though we’re all focusing on the woman. Props to the male model for being a real team player and being very eager to take photos, and it showed in the photos.

When it comes to photography, I love bright, bold colorful backgrounds. It makes photos just POP. I also prefer to take candid shots, rather than posed, especially for events. This was a friend’s birthday that she held for her daughter. My coworker’s were invited to bring their kids and everyone had a lot of fun.

I’ve done a ton of great photoshoots with C, this photo being one of my favorites for being a little more creative than normal, kind of telling a story and being a little risque. I always like photos that pops more when you desaturate everything in the photo and leave one part untouched.

The best friends are those that lift you up and support you constantly. Olive is always supporting me and I her. She had invited her friend J to have a photoshoot and she helped her become comfortable (with being a first-time model) and confident.