You just can’t convince some people that Morning Players did a horrible job with their most recent Kickstarter: Kill the Unicorns. Besides coming 16 months later than expected, the first player token is fugly, barely glows and the expansion cards doesn’t even fit in the original box. It was an all-round embarrassing project and I’m happy to bruise any White Knight’s fragile feelings with my thoughts on the matter.

This is to show that I actually tracked every single step of development:

Target date May 2018

Jan 31 2018 – Pledge manager to open soon

April 4 2018 – Using a new manufacturer and in the Verification process

April 26 2018 – Expected manufacturing to start in a few days
– Delays due to art files to the dielines, and modifying the 1st player token

May 25 2018 – Company purchased by Snakes & Lattes
– “Manufacturing has started but printing machines not started yet”
– No ETA provided

June 15 2018 – Quality checks are slowing down the process
– Issues with 1st player unicorn token

July 10 2018 – Issues with print files, still working on first player token, box issues
– Expected delivery mid September

Aug 1 2018 – Is proud of a glow in the dark 1st player token

Aug 17 2018 – Digital proof approvals, metal casting proof
Expected delivery late October “before Essen”

Sept 19 2018 – Cannot make good on the “late October, before Essen”
– Expected delivery by end of December

Oct 19 2018 – Mold for the miniature in production, player mat not fitting in box, print files ready for production
– Delivery date still for late December

Nov 9 2018 – Having issues with Pulp tray
– Delayed to beginning of 2019

Dec 3 2018 – Changes to a plastic tray instead

Jan 17 2019 – Cards won’t fit if sleeved
– Reduction of shipping cost
– Production done by late April
– Final delivery May/June

Feb 14 2019 – Blames Chinese new year delay for production
– Confirms that games “will be ready and assembled on May 6th 2019”
– Delivery June/mid July 2019

2 updates, still on schedule

May 10 2019 – Issue with plastic wedge that hold the player mats in the bottom of the box (can’t close)
– Blames more Chinese holidays
– Ready to ship May 23rd latest

May 17 2019 – North America eta delivery ~July 19th or July 29th b/c shipment on two boats

June 4 2019 – On schedule

June 21 2019 – Snakes and lattes to confirm pickup on July 1st

Congrats! You actually read this far! It just continues like this til the actual deliver of September 12th 2019.

Target delivery: May 2018
Actual delivery: Sept 2019

I’ve had late board games from Kickstarter, but they typically range from 3-6 months, but never have I encountered 16 months after their target date. I would give Morning more slack if this was their first project, didn’t know that Chinese New Year was EVERY year, or if this was more than just a card game. But it wasn’t and I’ll be here waiting for their next Kickstarter to remind everyone that they did a shit-poor job and to dissuade you on backing them.