This video lets you briefly experience the Toronto Terra Lumina 2020, an enchanted night walk into a bright future when humans and nature have learned to live in harmony. Created by Moment Factory and presented by the Toronto Zoo, visitors will experience the powerful secrets of tomorrow through vibrant lighting, multimedia effects, many breathtaking video projections and an original score of an enchanted world.

Some things that I learned by doing this video:
– if you have a gimbal/stabilizer.. USE IT. I had one at home and this would have been perfect to decrease the amount of shake
– in the complete dark, switching between video and photo-mode was a hassle.. having two cameras, one for each would have been faster (although heavier)
– if doing the above, make sure you have camera straps in case of any dexterity mishaps
– sometimes it’s better to just stand still and pan, rather than capture walking (especially without a gimbal)
– a faster lens would probably have been better in this low light
– my batteries last nearly exactly an hour (Sony A6400 with many features turned off ie. Airplane Mode).. and I’m glad I brought all three
– on the fence on whether using a shotgun mic would have been beneficial, better sound, but would pick up a lot of unnecessary chatter from other people
– recording a video like this means you’re not really experiencing the event