Strategy #1: Goals

One of the most important and best strategies in suburbia is to pursue Goals. This sometimes means avoiding a really good tile, for something that puts you farther ahead in the goals. I’ve played countless matches of Suburbia where I was dead last in points but had won 3 or 4 goals resulting in a win.

Most newbies are not paying attention to goals in their first few games, but even after 2 matches, players have caught on and will be actively fighting you on them. All the information is out on the table, so use your eyes and be aware of what goals people are striving for.

Strategy #2: Increasing Income Constantly
It’s very important at the beginning stages of the game that on each of your turns that you are increasing your income. Income is raised primarily through commercial and industrial tiles in the early game. Don’t forget you always have the option of buying Heavy Factories to increase your income by 1, or use Investment Markers on existing tiles like Landfills or the Werewolf Den.

Around Midgame, which is halfway through the B tiles, you should have about 8 income. At this point, you should start concentrating on increasing your reputation. Remember reputation increases your population at the end of each of your turns, which is points at the end of the game. If you start increasing your reputation too late, your opponents will outpace you.

Strategy #3: The Value of Airports
Airports, in my opinion, is one of the best tiles in the game b/c they stack bonuses, whether you place it or your opponents.
So with one Domestic Airport you’ll gain 1 income immediately and 1 reputation per airport tile in the game (including this one).
If you place a second Domestic Airport, you’ll gain another income from this tile, but 2 reputation from the passive bonus of this tile and 1 additional reputation from the previously placed Domestic Airport.
If instead your opponent placed the second Domestic Airport, you’ll still gain 1 reputation.

Whenever I see an airport, I’ll typically always buy it.
Only in the rare situation in which it conflicts with a goal will I avoid it, but in my experience, when I have the majority of airports, I end up winning the game.

Strategy #4: Balancing Strategies
The Fancy Restaurant is a great way to increase your income in the early game, but comes with the chance of losing it all if your opponents place any restaurants by decreasing your income by 1 each time.
What you can do to counter this is lookout for the industrial tiles of Farms and Slaughterhouses which will give you +1 income for any restaurants.
By having even 1 of these tiles, it will negate the negative part of the fancy restaurant, giving you piece of mind.

With that being said, sometimes there will a ton of restaurants in the marketplace. Having 2 Farms or Slaughterhouses means you’re increasing your income dramatically as well.

Strategy #5: The Importance of Tile Placement
The last strategy I’d like to impart on you is how important placement is.

In the early game, depending on what you purchase, there is a high likelihood that you’ll run out of money and need to make 1 lake.
If you build in a circular fashion, you may end up with less reputation, but gain more money when placing the lake.

Near mid and end game, there will be tiles such as these that give bonuses for being adjacent to the same kind of tile. That’s why I’d always recommend to build in a circular fashion when you can, so you get maximum benefits.

So those are my top 5 strategies that I employ in each match of suburbia. Thank you for liking commenting and subscribing. Let me know in the comments below whether there are any strategies you like to use.
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