In Legendary Forests, we’re going to be spending our turns placing tiles adjacent to previously placed tiles and when we run out, we’ll calculate the score.

To calculate scores, we’ll look at zones with trees like this.

The top zone is considered “closed” while the bottom is considered “open”.

This is a full rune, this is a half rune. Only full runes are ever scored.

Each full rune in a closed zone is worth 2 points, while each full rune in an open zone is worth 1 point each.

The player with the most points wins.

Let’s look at how to setup the game.

Right out of the box, put aside the three bags of trees and the green Construction token.

Turn the tiles over and separate them into their five respective piles.

You’ll notice that each player has a tile with a 1 on the back. That is your starting tile.

For each player in the game, take two trees of each color and put them in the center of the table. Randomly choose a player to be the Architect, they will get the construction token to start the game with.

The Architect shuffles their tiles and removes 5 of them at random and places them in the box.

The other players can turn up their tiles and organize them so they’re easier to find.

Flip over the #1 tile in front of you, that is your starting tile.

The Architect will flip 1 tile from their pile of face down tiles and call out the number in the bottom right.
All other players locate their tile with the same number and place it adjacent to an existing tile.

Tile placement rules include

  • tiles must touch a tile that is already part of your planet
  • the touching sides of all adjacent tiles must be the same color
  • tiles can be rotated
  • once placed, a tile cannot be moved or removed.

Whenever a tile with a white circle is placed, the player starting with the Construction token, chooses a tree to be placed in the matching color zone. This goes in clockwise fashion and once each player has placed a tree, the construction token is passed to the next player to the left.

The Architect continues to draw tiles and trees are placed until the Architect runs out of tiles at which point the game has ended.

Calculate the points as mentioned before. Only zones with trees. 1 point per full rune in an open zone and 2 points per full rune in a closed zone.

The player with the most victory points wins the game. In cases of ties, the victory is shared!