20170209003330_1My sad little home right now.. an empty, unfurnished house in The Rift. An axe to cut firewood and my two pets to keep me company.

The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) came out with their Homestead free dlc this week and everyone is scrambling to buy the perfect house and furnish it. For more basics, go here.

I didn’t see it written anywhere that discussed how to set a newly bought home (other than the Harry Potter room-closet that you get for free) as your primary residence. screenshot_20170208_121418
When you open the Placement Editor (F5), it will automatically default to the icon on the far left that looks like an arrow pointing on a circle.

By selecting the Gear icon on the far right, you can select whatever house you’re in, as your Primary Residence.

To teleport to your residence in the future:
1. Press “U” to access your Collections.
20170209004641_12. Select the House Icon on the top right.
20170209004644_13. Simply select the house you’d like to go to and then select “Travel to House