I was reading some questions on the Fortnite Reddit and thought I’d write up a few visual guides to make your gaming experience easier.

How to Edit your Banner:
1. Click on the top right icon (3 horizontal bars).
2. Simply click on your banner on the far left.

How to Report a Player:
1. Click on the top right icon (3 horizontal bars).
2. Select the Feedback button below.
3. A window will pop-up, simply change the option from “Bug” to “Player.”
4. This will give you the option to enter their name and use the paragraph body to put reasons why you feel reason (like not helping in a husk defense) to report them.
**Note: you computer may freeze for 7-10s when you click “Send”**

How to Create a Staircase:
1. Press Q to go to Building Mode.
2. Press G to go to Edit Mode.
3. Click and drag the below shape (you can also draw it the opposite way if you want the beginning to start on the left side).
4. Press G to confirm.
5. Left-click to build.

Hope that helps! If there are any other guides or questions you have, please feel free to comment below.