**tons of spoilers ahead for Season 4 Episode 3**


I don’t think there can be another season/episode of the BBC series of Sherlock; what more can the writers do to make an episode more thrilling? How could there be anyone more devious that Eurus?

This (Episode 3) is a different kind of episode compared to everything else we’ve watched. We’ve become accustomed to a detective that solves crimes through deduction and the powers of observation. But unlike most, this episode played on some of people’s worst fears for an extremely long portion of the show:

  • solving puzzles but still suffering loss/failing to save the person in question
  • having to choose who lives and dies, your best friend or your brother
  • knowing that your brother is purposely sacrificing himself, so you don’t have to make that hard decision
  • confronting one’s true feelings/playing with one’s feelings of love
  • drowning in a well and finding unknown bones in said well
  • stuck on an airplane without anyone to help you land it
  • being in a dark house, with lights that explode and something large skittering at the corners of your eyes
  • finding out your memories of your childhood dog is actually a repressed and altered memory of your murdered brother..who’s bones are in said well.
  • killer clowns (’nuff said)

The whole episode was the slow torture of the viewer; I feel like while there was deduction, like in most staple Sherlock episodes, the height of tension came at the very end, before Sherlock solved the case. But in this one, the tension was a constant. It played on the viewers deep and darkest fears for the entirety of episode and did not release its grasp until the very end. It showed the cunning of the villain, but in my opinion, it was for far too long.